St Issey Village Hall committee celebrate success after securing a grant from Green Cornwall Grant Fund to install air to air heat pumps.

The present heating system is a number of old infra red radiant heaters. These were not fit for purpose as the hall use had developed from the original design of a sports hall to a broader use by village groups with a more sedentary nature. The heating was inadequate, and expensive to run and maintain.

With the help of a number of advisory bodies, not least some excellent support and guidance by Jon Teague of CRCC, we were able to develop a case for grant support from the Green Cornwall Grant Fund.

Whilst this required some work to research options, the development of the project was both worthwhile and very informative.

The grant application is a fairly simple and straightforward process. The help from the Community Regeneration Officer was superb. The exercise to understand exactly what the users needs are, what the usage of the hall is, how much the present system costs, and how the alternative options will benefit current and future users, is a worthwhile task, even if it merely confirms what you have is fit for purpose.

In our case we were able to clearly establish our system was unsuitable and that by taking advantage of air to air heat pumps, we will be able to significantly improve the user comfort, and make up to 60% energy savings.

Our grant application was successful, and we have been awarded 80% towards our capital cost.

We have a template to enable others to develop their own solution, and would be happy to help any future groups contemplating a similar exercise.

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