Our partners at Norris and Fisher wish to raise  awareness on some issues which have come to light recently.

From Martyn Ingram:

Firstly, several of our clients have encountered a problem with certain providers of drain repair services.

Where a Hall makes a claim for damaged water pipework – which they often only discover when their water bill increases – we ask them to obtain an estimate for repair.
Some repairers insist upon excavating the whole run of pipework from the main supply to the Hall and this is a very expensive way of approaching the problem.  These repairers often adopt an aggressive attitude to try to persuade the responsible committee member to appoint them.  It is more usual – and much cheaper – for the contractor to put a camera into the drain to identify the cause and extent of damage.  Insurance companies will only pay the amount that a reputable contractor would have charged for the repair work so it is important that Hall committees should not rush into appointing a contractor who insists upon excavating the whole run.


The other matter which Hall committees should be aware of is to remember to notify their insurers should there be any works carried out at their building.  We recently had a situation where some scaffolding was erected at a community building but the insurers were not notified.  Some thieves took the opportunity to access the roof and steal lead but, because insurers had not been told about the scaffolding, they refused to pay the claim.  In fact we persuaded insurers to make a payment on this particular case but the lesson to be learned is that insurers should always be notified when works are being carried out – most insurers would not be so cooperative.


Should you have any questions regarding insurance we are always happy to discuss them with you – even where the Hall is not insured via Norris & Fisher.


If you require further details of our Hall insurance, please refer to our website: www.villagehallinsurance.co.uk

Martyn Ingram

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