When working out your marketing communications, be sure to focus on the real benefits to your customers more than the features of the service you provide.  This month Hallmaster gives some great tips on how to maximize your marketing.

For example, when people think about successful brands like Apple, they think of music, video, games, even Siri’s voice, not necessarily the gadgets and gizmos that make up their mobile devices.

So showing you provide a Venue for a customer isn’t enough – after all, your competitors do that too. Instead, your Hall/Community Centre marketing should communicate to your customers the perfect reasons why they need to make you “their” favourite Venue. One excellent way to do this is by really getting to know your customers and your potential customers.

To start with find out what the benefits of a well-maintained Venue mean to them.
Is it the space? Fun? Practicality? Peace of mind?

Know what they’d like to experience each time they visit their Venue.
Close to home or work? Clean, comfortable facilities? Good coffee? The availability of rooms for hire? 24hr Online Booking?

These are the things that drive your customers’ booking decisions. Motivate them with what they think the outcome of a superior Venue is, and you will stand apart from the others.

By embracing the different, trying new things, learning from failure and focusing on the benefit, you can enhance your Venue’s marketing and create a new, exciting image for your Hall/Community Centre business.

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