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The Big Lottery have announced that grant holders of their flagship Reaching Communities and Reaching Community Buildings programmes will be offered additional funds to develop their organisation’s knowledge, skills and confidence to deliver more effective and sustainable services.

This new funding is additional to any training, evaluation or overhead costs already included in the Reaching Communities budget and instead is for building the capabilities of the entire organisation.

Grant holders have told the Big Lottery Fund that they are often so busy with their day-to-day work that there is little time or money left for developing new skills, knowledge and confidence among staff, management and trustees. The Fund has decided that organisations that apply for funding through the Reaching Communities programme will be offered additional money to enable them to find the time and resources to build their capabilities.

Funding of up to ten percent, to a maximum of £15,000, will be available to carry out a review of their organisation to identify strengths and areas for improvement. Organisations may choose to use the money to build on their assets, others may prefer to address some key weaknesses or develop new skills.

This offer is currently a trial and will initially run for two years. Find out more on the Big Lottery’s website.

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