A new survey of village halls has highlighted the crucial work carried out by community centre volunteers in the region.

Released by the Action with Communities in Rural England (Acre) report has used information provided by committees across the country to paint a picture of village hall life in 2014.

The study also draws attention to the many challenges faced by the groups who run these community hubs.  Read a report of the survey.

Here in Cornwall CRCC (Cornwall Rural Community Charity) is supporting committees and volunteers to address challenges, through specialist support services, including Vital Venues.

Jon Teague, CCRC community buildings officer, said: “Those that have enough dedicated volunteers are thriving, but others are struggling to find people, funds and uses.

“Volunteers provide a vital role and do a fantastic job, often under difficult economic conditions, but there is still a lot more potential to be realised in some areas.”

The Western Morning News has done a great article detailing some of the challenges faced and the crucial work done by villages halls here in the southwest – Western Morning News article.


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