The Government has announced the Gift Aid model declaration form is to be improved, to stop charities losing out on potentially billions of pounds of Gift Aid.

According to National Audit Office (NAO) estimates there are donations of around £2.3 billion where Gift Aid is not used. Though not all of these donations will be eligible for Gift Aid, the government is working with charities to boost the number of eligible donations.

One way it hopes to do this is by improving the model Gift Aid declaration form, as research published today shows that understanding of Gift Aid is low and that donors do not always make the link between tax they’ve paid and Gift Aid claimed by the charity.

The model Gift Aid declaration is used by a large number of charities, particularly smaller ones, to help them collect the declarations which are needed to claim Gift Aid on donations. Possible improvements include making the language used about Gift Aid more straightforward to enable donors to decide if their donations qualify for relief. Read the full story.

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