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Temporary event notices (TENs)

From January 2016 the number of temporary event notices that can be used in a calendar year for the same premises will be increased from 12 to 15. A temporary event notice (TEN) can be used for a one-off event involving the sale of alcohol and/or regulated entertainment which would normally need a premises licence. At present, there is a limit of 12 TENs for the same premises in a calendar year, starting on 1 January.

From 1 January 2016, the number of events for which a temporary event notice can be given for the same premises will be increased from 12 to 15 in a year.

This change is part of the Deregulation Bill, which is currently going through parliament and is on the parliament website

Personal alcohol licences

Under changes in the pipeline, personal licences for the sale of alcohol will last indefinitely, rather than needing to be renewed every 10 years. But beware: the Deregulation Bill bringing in this change has not gone through Parliament yet. If it is delayed, licences issued in February 2005, at the start of the licensing regime, may still need to be renewed.

Personal licences are issued by the local authority and are valid for 10 years. Clause 55 of the Deregulation Bill, which is going through Parliament, will remove the renewal requirement, so any licence issued or expiring on or after the day this provision comes into effect will be valid indefinitely, with no requirement for renewal.

Under section.121 of the Licensing Act 2003, personal licences must be renewed between one and three months prior to their expiry. The first licences under the Licensing Act were issued in February 2005, so are now in their renewal period. Anyone with a licence due for renewal should carefully monitor the progress of the Deregulation Bill online, and renew if the new legislation will not be in place by the renewal deadline.

The Deregulation Bill itself can be accessed on the parliament website

These updates are courtesy of Sandy Adirondack a freelance trainer and consultant in the voluntary sector since 1980

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