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As trustees, and the people responsible for running your charity, it’s important that you regularly review your charity’s effectiveness. What challenges are you facing? Is the charity’s structure effective? What changes are you considering implementing?

It’s especially important to review how your charity operates in changing or uncertain economic climates. It’s not easy to maintain a charity’s secure financial future, particularly in a difficult and competitive economic climate. That’s why it’s so important you and the other trustees ask yourselves tough questions from the outset and regularly consider how your plans are going.

Use this checklist, available from the Charity Commission to review your charity’s effectiveness at AGMs, trustee meetings, away-day discussions or planning meetings.

This 15-question checklist is suitable for all charities, although some questions might not be relevant to your charity’s size and how it operates.

As trustees, you can use it whenever you review the way your charity operates, especially in changing or uncertain economic climates. This may be informal discussions or items on the agenda at trustee meetings, AGMs, away-days or planning meetings.

The checklist can help you:

  • structure discussions about what your charity does and how it does it
  • make sure your charity is financially secure, even in tougher economic times
  • develop plans and timetables for action
  • demonstrate you are responding appropriately to change

The checklist includes links to Charity Commission guidance and covers:

  • strategy – opportunities and risks
  • financial health
  • governance, including safeguarding
  • making best use of resources

View the checklist on the Charity Commission’s website

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