PRS/PPL have been in touch with ACRE to advise of changes to the PRS/PPL joint tariff for 2015/2016. These include:

1. Income threshold
The income threshold will be increased from £50,000 to £75,000 to reflect the rate of inflation since the PRS for Music tariff was agreed.

2. Income to be excluded from declared income
PRS/PPL intend to add the following to the examples of types of income detailed in the tariff that can be excluded from the income to be declared (and upon which royalty charges are based):

  • Income from other owned assets unrelated to the community building itself (e.g. car parks, managed woodland, equipment hire, catering businesses with off-site sales/distribution, sales of renewable electricity, hosting recycling bins, hiring out of sports fields where hirers do not use building)
  • Proceeds from the sale of donated goods
  • Contracts for the delivery of public services, particularly where such income has replaced a grant

3. Should income include rent from a Post Office, GP’s surgery etc.?
Where a community building complex includes a self-contained business which is separate from the activities of the voluntary organisation proper and uses a permanently dedicated area, income from that particular unit paid to the community organisation (for example rent) may be excluded from Defined income. If the separate business uses music they should apply direct for their own PRS for Music and/or PPL licence.

This will be part of guidance notes on our website, rather than the tariffs themselves. Find out more.

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