logo-corner dropCornerDrop makes it really easy for any location to accept parcels on behalf of customers and anywhere can do it!  Missed parcels is a big problem for everyone involved and our solution removes a lot of that pain.

It is completely FREE to register and we make it a very simple process to manage, with a paper based system (or through a smart phone if required). We also pay the locations (50p + VAT) for every parcel that they handle.  It also helps make the location a key part of the community by bring people into the locations they may not ordinarily visit.

We already have a number of Village shops registered and we are keen to get as many as possible on-board in time for Christmas this year. Our Press and PR launch will tie into this in October. We are targeting around 2,000 locations by then. We already have well over 500.

Interested locations can visit our site for further details and complete the online registration form in a few minutes www.cornerdrop.com/become

If you could pass this information out to your regions, that would be most welcome as we really think it could be a great thing for many of your members.

Contact 0776 446 1489 for further details.

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