whedake VH no roofIn this edition we are taking the unprecedented action of calling all Cornwall’s community buildings to help support a fellow village hall in crisis.

Over the last few months Wheldrake Village Hall have been fundraising for a new roof. They were doing well but suffered a huge setback when the November storms in North Yorkshire blew their roof off. Imagine waking up to find your village hall has no roof, the internal rooms have been destroyed and your insurer has made it clear they will not pay. It would be amazing if community buildings across Cornwall, would join the those across England and help Wheldrake Village Hall raise the additional £10,000 it requires to make their hall watertight ahead of building work.

Like many village halls, Wheldrake’s provided a vital community hub and was home to many clubs and activities, including their after school club who have equipment worth over £2,000 still on site in the hall, but trapped in a cupboard.  Other local groups also used the venue, such as the playgroup, Brownies, Cubs and exercise classes. The community had already been working tirelessly to raise enough money to have the hall’s roof repaired when severe weather ripped their roof from the building. To date their insurers have refused to pay for repairs or replacement of the roof. The collapse of the roof and ceiling has also damaged walls and doors, ripped out electricity and left fibreglass blowing everywhere. It is an awful situation for a village hall to be faced with and they need help from friends, supporters and other people who can sympathise with the task they have ahead of them.

Wheldrake Recreational Associations with the support of their local Rural Community Council are putting an appeal out across England asking anyone who is sympathetic to how hard it is to run a village hall to make a small donation to the roof appeal – just £2, less than the cost of a cup of coffee, from a supporter of each of the 10,000 halls across England would help them get their hall back up and running again.

Every donation will help, please make yours at https://mydonate.bt.com/events/wheldrake/260690
Please share with the rest of your committee and if you can put anything in your newsletters please copy and paste this text.

Thank you for your help.

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