Cornish halls help Yorkshire village

Instead of ‘deck the halls’, it’s been ‘help the hall’ for several communities in Cornwall!

As we reported in our last newsletter, sadly Wheldrake Village Hall, lost its roof in the storms.  A normally thriving hall located in a beautiful Yorkshire village near York, has been reduced to a sorry state, with the collapse of the roof and ceiling and damage to walls and doors, electricity ripped out and fibreglass blowing everywhere.   This has been a complete disaster for them in the lead up to Christmas, with groups unable to hold their usual fundraising events in the village, such as Christmas craft fairs and jumble sales.

They called out to other halls, friends and supporters across the country for help, including ourselves Cornwall Rural Community Charity (CRCC) with our connections and Vital Venues village hall network and we were delighted to hear that already donations have been sent from Cornwall.

How brilliant are the Cornish people!

Like Cornwall’s Community halls, they rely on volunteers (Wheldrake Recreation Association) and they have been really stretched trying to tackle the practical side of their crisis and need urgently to raise funds to get the roof put back on, so the hall can be used again.  To date they have not been able to get anything from their insurers.

Imagine if this happened in your community?

If you think you may be able to help, you can make a small donation (£1 or £2 would make a difference), to the Wheldrake Village Hall appeal at

You can follow Wheldrake Village Hall’s appeal progress on Twitter @WheldrakeRA or Facebook Wheldrake-Recreation-Association

This story shows the best of Cornwall and we would like to thank all hall volunteers for giving their time to keep these essential community spaces thriving.

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