Mandate fraud continues to be a significant fraud loss to the charity sector. This is when the fraudster emails or calls a charity impersonating a genuine supplier that the charity regularly deals with. The fraudster asks the charity to change the bank sort code and account, instead diverting payments to an account they control. Liability for any financial loss normally falls to the charity.

FALCON, the Fraud and Linked Crime Online team at the Metropolitan police, have launched an initiative to raise awareness of this type of fraud. Police fraud prevention officers will provide charities with best practice advice and guidance on fraud reduction strategies. For further information contact, or download a mandate fraud awareness poster. For information on FALCON, guidance on protecting yourself against scams, and current police fraud alerts visit the Fraud Alert page on their website.

We encourage trustees to promote awareness of mandate fraud risks at their charity, use the promotional posters available, and where appropriate contact FALCON for good practice advice. Please note, instances of fraud should still be reported to Action Fraud or the police.



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