“A hall has contacted me about providing free Wi-Fi. They would like users to be able to access what they wish on the web and there would be no firewall. They are concerned about potential copyright infringement and criminal acts by users (e.g. downloading inappropriate material). Should they collect information from users about their usage? But, if so, could this give the hall data protection problems? They’re also worried about controlling children’s access to the internet.”

We can provide VV members with additional information if they wish to make contact. Halls and centres may wish to review their Model Hiring Agreement to ensure there is adequate cover under the Use of Premises and committee’s Cancellation Policy. A useful example can be found via the below link. If this is relevant and any data is being retained, please make sure you have considered any matters relating to data protection, as highlighted in the above article.

For more information on wifi policy and the rest of the article please visit the Upton Village Hall website


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