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Minimum Security Requirements for Village Halls

Minimum Security Requirements for Village Halls It is highly likely that the cover provided under your village hall insurance will be subject to you confirming that you comply with ‘Minimum Security Requirements’. But do you know what this really means and what those requirements...

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Insurance for Village Halls – A necessary evil or vital protection?

admin September 6, 2016 Advice and guidance Insurance No Comments

Insurance for Village Halls – A necessary evil or vital protection? Insuring your Village Hall or other Community Building against the unpredictable is vital. Misfortune or disaster can strike at any time, to any organisation and can range in size and impact. However, even the smallest...

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The Perils of Underinsurance and How to Avoid Them

This article has been written by Insure Your Village Hall In the current economic climate, the trustees of many village halls and community buildings are ignoring the risk of not checking that their buildings are adequately insured for fear that doing so might lead to their insurance...

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Increase in insurance premiums

Village Hall insurance brokers, Norris & Fisher, have estimated that because the rate of Insurance Premium Tax is due to rise to 9.5% in November 2015 (following the budget) the average rise in village hall premium will be £30! ACRE are seeking feedback from other insurers such as...

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Vital Venues funded training for hall committees

Vital Venues is pleased to announce ‘Trustee Induction’ and ‘Business Planning’ workshops funded by Awards for All to support volunteers who manage village halls, community centres and other community buildings.     The Trustee Induction Workshop...

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30% discounted village hall insurance at Aon

Tell them Vital Venues sent you and quote VIL2

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Insurance and Portable Appliance Testing

Martyn Ingram of Norris Fisher Insurance writes… We often have enquiries from committees asking how often insurers require their electronic items to be PAT tested.  This is a grey area and differs between insurers but often there are no strict requirements stipulated.   As...

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Drains and scaffolding insurance advice

admin December 3, 2013 Insurance No Comments

Our partners at Norris and Fisher wish to raise  awareness on some issues which have come to light recently. From Martyn Ingram: Firstly, several of our clients have encountered a problem with certain providers of drain repair services. Where a Hall makes a claim for damaged water...

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Win £500 with an Aon insurance quote

admin May 28, 2013 Insurance No Comments

Aon were pleased to donate £1000 to Little Milton Village Hall as the winners of the prize draw that finished in September last year. The prize draw was open to all village halls that received a quote from Aon between April and September 2012.  Little Milton were delighted to hear they...

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Village Hall Insurance – Special Events

  When the Hall committee arranges an event, it is important to establish with your insurers whether or not the policy’s Public Liability cover automatically applies or whether you need to set up a separate policy. This will normally be determined by the type and size of the event...

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Snow & Ice- To clear, or not to clear…

Clearing Ice and Snow According to Direct Gov: There’s no law stopping you from clearing snow and ice on the pavement outside your home or from public spaces. It’s unlikely you’ll be sued or held legally responsible for any injuries on the path if you have cleared it...

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Liability Insurance for Hall Committees

from Martyn Ingram, Norris & Fisher Insurance Brokers In my role as an insurance broker dealing extensively with Village Hall committees, I am often asked questions beginning “Would my policy protect me if…”  The questions usually revolve around a dreadful injury being suffered by...

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Village and community hall insurance advice

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The subject of insurance is one that raises a number of queries for committees.  Over the next few issues of the Vital Venues newsletter, Martyn Ingram of Norris & Fisher will be contributing a series of articles covering a range of matters which are pertinent to Village and...

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