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You should have a TV licence in your hall if you watch or record live TV (and from 1 September, BBC programmes on demand) using a television, computer or any other device plugged into the mains. It’s important to make sure you’re correctly covered by a TV Licence, even if it’s just for...

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New training workshops for hall committees

Following the success of our workshops earlier this year we are pleased to announce the next series of Business Planning and Trustee Induction sessions. Feedback from previous sessions: Thanks for advice, guidance, ideas and documents – well presented. Illogan Preschool We need...

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License Fees to continue to be set nationally

Nikki George March 18, 2015 Government Licensing News Premises licence No Comments

A Home Office ruling on licensing fees is being hailed as a victory for CRCC’s Vital Venues members and wider network of village halls. Hall committees had feared that Government proposals to set fees locally would lead to an increase in charges. However, after listening to the views...

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PRS/PPL Joint Music License for Community Buildings Update

Nikki George March 18, 2015 Advice and guidance News PPL PRS No Comments

PRS/PPL have been in touch with ACRE to advise of changes to the PRS/PPL joint tariff for 2015/2016. These include: 1. Income threshold The income threshold will be increased from £50,000 to £75,000 to reflect the rate of inflation since the PRS for Music tariff was agreed. 2. Income...

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Legal Update

Temporary event notices (TENs) From January 2016 the number of temporary event notices that can be used in a calendar year for the same premises will be increased from 12 to 15. A temporary event notice (TEN) can be used for a one-off event involving the sale of alcohol and/or...

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Vital Venues funded training for hall committees

Vital Venues is pleased to announce ‘Trustee Induction’ and ‘Business Planning’ workshops funded by Awards for All to support volunteers who manage village halls, community centres and other community buildings.     The Trustee Induction Workshop...

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Motion Picture Licensing

Nikki George November 11, 2014 Advice and guidance Licensing No Comments

We have heard through ACRE that some village halls have received letters from the Motion Picture Licensing Corporation (MPLC) regarding an Umbrella Licence for the showing of audio-visual content. If your hall has received such a letter you may find the following information helpful....

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Are you undertaking your statutory duties ?

PREMISES LEGISLATION COMPLIANCE: CAN YOU DEMONSTRATE YOU ARE UNDERTAKING ALL YOUR STATUTORY DUTIES..? All public buildings have a statutory duty to demonstrate compliance with all relevant legislation. Project Design Consultancy are very experienced in this area having previously set...

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Consultation- should licensing fees increase?

A consultation on fees under the Licensing Act 2003 The Home Office are consulting on the regulations that will introduce locally-set fees under the Licensing Act 2013. Fees for licensing were set nationally in 2005 and have not been revised since then. The Police Reform and Social...

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Proposed deregulation of Premises Licence

Proposals to use a Legislative Reform Order to make changes to entertainment licensing is out for consultation. The Department for Culture Media and Sport (DCMS) are consulting on the proposals to make changes to entertainment licensing. An earlier Consultation in 2011 led to...

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Tell the Council if you’re organising an event

Most Community Buildings should already have a Premises Licence permitting various regulated activities. Cornwall Council is the regulator of licensed activities and actively does this through the Licensing Department.  For more information visit Cornwall Council’s website.  For...

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PRS for Music and PPL tariffs- what do you think?

admin August 30, 2013 Consultation Licensing PPL PRS No Comments

PRS for Music and PPL are inviting you to take part in a survey. PRS for Music and PPL are membership organisations that help organisations to get the legal permission they need to play copyright music. In January 2012, both PRS for Music and PPL introduced joint licensing for...

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Managing events

Office for Civil Society to publish guidance on regulation of volunteer-based events. Audience size for live music events that don’t need an entertainment licence to be increased from 200 to 500. Performances of plays and dance will no...

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Live Music Act 2012 in force

admin November 30, 2012 Licensing PRS No Comments

The Live Music Act 2012 officially came into force on Monday, 1 October 2012.  As a result of the Act, performances of live amplified music to audiences of less than 200 people between the hours of 8am and 11pm will no longer require local authority permission in England and Wales....

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Music alternatives to PRS/PPL

admin February 29, 2012 Licensing PPL PRS No Comments

Sites offering PRS & PPL free music: They offer a variety of different albums at a varying prices. Most work on a charging either an annual fee (similar to PRS/PPL but much cheaper!).

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Changes to charging of PRS and

admin November 14, 2011 Licensing PPL PRS No Comments

Legislation passed in January 2011 amending charging arrangements will come into force in January 2012   What is a PRS Licence? A PRS is required for premises that are used for live or recorded musical performances It is obtained from the Performing Right Society It costs 1% of...

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Make TEN applications online

Did you know you can apply for a Temporary Event Notice (TEN) online at Cornwall Council’s website? If you are planning an event where there will be entertainment, alcohol for sale, or hot food or drink for sale after 11pm, you probably need to submit a Temporary Event Notice. A...

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Government proposes to scrap the licensing of entertainment

admin November 9, 2011 Consultation Licensing News No Comments

The Licensing Act 2003 brought together nine separate outdated licensing related regimes, and created instead a single Act that controlled alcohol supply and sale, late night refreshment, and “regulated entertainment”.  In tidying up the old licensing regimes new problems...

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