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To help save you time, Vital Venues has a range of resources for the main governance and management issues required for your community buildings.

ACRE Information Sheets

As a member you will have over £200 worth of management resources free to download whenever you need them.  Plus 25% discount off all other ACRE publications.

ACRE publications and Information Sheets are produced by national experts and legal advisors with input from the network of Rural Community Councils across the country.  They provide specific guidance on the everyday issues faced by Community Building management committees and are kept up to date to reflect changes in legislation and any other factors.

These information sheets, policy templates and the majority of the various other documents are written specifically for Community Buildings.

Members can download ACRE information sheets here.

For a list of the ACRE resources and reduced rates, click here.

Non-members can order ACRE resources without the cost reductions.

Having accurate information to hand and templates from which to work save volunteers a lot of time.

Policy Templates

Policy templates can help you to save time when developing and adopting new policies.  Adhering to the right policies will help a committee to manage their organisation and will demonstrate your governance competency to users of the building, funders, the general public and anyone else.

Many of the ACRE information sheets contain policies in the appendix, but to see a range which compliment those click here.


Funding is always a big issue for community buildings.  While we are encouraging committees to take a more enterprising approach we know that funding for specific items will be necessary.

Details of local and national funding sources relevant for community buildings can be found here.

Project Development

Project development knowledge and tools will save you time and effort and will give you the best chances of bringing your idea to fruition.   From a toilet refurbishment to constructing a new Community Building, a well delivered project will require good planning.

These resources will explain the general project development principles and provide assistance with more specific aspects.  Click here.


Volunteers are at the heart of our communities, enabling a variety of organisations to function and vital to success.  Support and resources to aid the recruitment and retention of volunteers can be found here.


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