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Volunteers are at the heart of our

communities, enabling a variety of

organisations to function and vital to

its success.


Over the past year we have been increasingly aware of the issues recruiting and retaining volunteers.

At Vital Venues we are evaluating a variety of resources in order to provide you with some top tips relevant to recruiting within your communities for your community building.

Recruiting volunteers needs to be embedded into your planning. Initially, begin with having a review of the roles you require and who will be responsible in supporting your new volunteers on their journey.

Review what volunteers you need.

  • As a group define what roles need to be filled ?
  • Do you have a role description ?
  • Who will be responsible for engaging with the new volunteers.


  • Register with the local volunteer centre
  • Advertise through the free ads and at different events
  • Register with
  • Word of mouth
  • Voluntary Organisations Newsletters
  • Use a vacancy board in your community

Take a look at our Get Involved vacancy board – if you are interested in obtaining a copy please contact us here.  

volunteer board 


To register on Trustee Finder click here.

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