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D3 Architects from Truro cover the whole of Cornwall for both commercial and domestic clients. Further information about the practice and its services along with a free guide about working with an architect can be found on the company website:

For all vital venues members located in the former penwith, kerrier, carrick and restormel districts we can offer the following service (subject to availability):

For a one off fee of £110.00 we will visit your centre/site to discuss your requirements and needs. Following that meeting we will produce a brief report indicating anticipated costs for consultants, permissions and construction as needed for your project. We will also give advice on how to best achieve your requirements and how t o proceed.

If you then choose to proceed with D3 Architects we would perform all required services at a reduced rate. The extent of the reduction will depend on the complexity and scale of the project as we would like to assist as many members as possible. We look forward to working with you soon.

A Clients guide to writing a brief:-

What is a brief?

A brief is more than a list of your requirements it is both guidance to your architect and the clarification of your purpose and aspirations. The brief should not just include the facilities needed but also how you want the spaces to feel and make people feel as well as use the space. The brief should also be seen as a work in progress simply because the design may change during the early stages and that might change how you desire some aspects to work.

What should the brief include?

The brief should include 3 key pieces of information.

  1. What is required (space needs i.e. number of rooms and types)
  2. Budget available and what that budget has to cover i.e. is it just for the construction or does it have to cover all professional fees and VAT.
  3. Timescale.  Is the work needed to secure grant funding or to be arranged to minimise disruption to the centre?

When considering what is required it is helpful to list the spaces and facilities you currently have and then list those you require. We always recommend that our clients put their requirements under three headings of need (must have), want (these would be beneficial) and wish (things you would like but don’t think the budget would stretch too). With this information we can ensure your needs are meet and often meet the wants and some wishes.

When considering rooms consider how they will be used and by whom, will this change over time and does it give you the freedom to grow? Do you need certain rooms close together or separated and don’t forget the room for storage so users can leave items behind. If the work is just to create extra space don’t forget that this may also require the provision of additional toilets and possibly other facilities .

The budget is often the most difficult to clarify. This is where are assistance can help with our consultation feedback. If you need to achieve a planning permission to secure funding with limited funds then please mention that at our meeting and we will include a special fee proposal following our meeting to help with this. To know your centres position regarding VAT on building costs we would recommend consulting HMRC and your accountant and checking the information prior to construction works commencing in case there are changes planned to the rates.

Timescales will often dictate how the work is programmed.  A project will require design and development, once a scheme has your approval it may then require planning and building regulation permissions. These will be followed by asking contractors to tender for the project and then there will be the actual construction time. All of this may have to be done in a condensed format to achieve or secure potential funding. We are here to help.

We hope this very brief guide has been useful and look forward to meeting you soon and working together.


Simon Longworth-Riggs Principal D3 Architects


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