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Join the Cornwall+ Energy Group and you will be sure to save on your energy costs.

One of the biggest outlays for many organisations and businesses is their energy costs. Are you sure you are on the best tariff for your organisation’s needs?

Vital Venues has joined forces with LSI, a leading utilities broker, to help bring about savings for village and community halls and other community facilities such as scout halls, churches and church halls, parish and town council buildings, sports pavilions, bowls and theatre club buildings, shops and pubs.

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There is every possibility that currently your organisation or business is paying more than it needs to for gas and electricity.  You may be locked into a contract where you have been ‘rolled over’ onto a more expensive tariff due to short notice on the contract renewal from your supplier.

What can LSI do for you?

  • LSI will give you a free, no obligation, independent analysis of your energy bills.  You will be guaranteed to obtain the best price as a result.
  • LSI will compare the market annually or when your contract comes to an end.
  • there will be one point of contact, LSI who will deal with any switch of supplier needed  to effect a better tariff  and / or negotiate a change of contract end date on behalf of your organisation or business (once you have given written authorisation to do so).
  • LSI will contact you when your contract is due for renewal with plenty of notice.
  • LSI will endeavour to bring members of the Cornwall+ Energy Group and similar energy groups across the country on to the same contract end date in order to negotiate favourable ‘bulk buy’ terms with suppliers which you would not be able to achieve on your own, resulting in cheaper energy costs.

There are no direct charges what so ever to join the Energy Group.

There is nothing to lose but plenty to save your organisation.

The more organisations that join the group; the greater the savings that can be made.



How to join the Cornwall+ Energy Group

What LSI need from you:

  • Copies of your gas and/or electricity bills for the past quarter which can be scanned and attached to an email, faxed or posted.  Where possible, please find out your contract end date.
  • The authorisation letter printed on your organisation headed paper (or hand written address).  Download the sample letter of authority at the bottom of this page.
  • The committee (where applicable) should arrange that the decision to accept the tariff offered by LSI is made as quickly as possible from when it is received.  As the utility market is ever changing it would be too late to wait a couple of weeks until the next committee meeting as that offer will no longer be valid.

Send all of the above to:


Fax:     01727 875116


LSI Independent Utility Brokers Ltd
1st Floor Hastings House
12 Park Industrial Estate
Park Street
St Albans

Download the template letter of authority

For more information contact Barrie Jacobs on:

Freephone 0800 019 9595

Direct line 01727 877039

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