Vital Venues


Cornwall Rural Community Charity (CRCC), offers a range of additional services to support you with specific issues.

CRCC is a Cornish Charity that informs and guides local groups and individuals to achieve their aspirations and develop sustainable, inclusive communities. We have been supporting Community Buildings since 1946 and are the specialist organisation in Cornwall when it comes to your Community Building needs.

Vital Venues is a service run by CRCC, to find out about what Vital Venues can do for you have a look at the ‘About Us‘,¬† ‘Save Money‘ and ‘Save Time‘ pages.

CRCC can offer:

– Governing Document (e.g. Trust Deed, Constitution etc.) selection and adoption
РGoverning Document (e.g. Trust Deed, Constitution etc.) amendment
– Incorporation using CIO (Charitable Incorporated Organisation) model
– Community Consultation and evidencing need
– Bid writing
– Monitoring and Evaluation

This is not a full list, if you have a situation which does not fit into the above services please get in touch to discuss your specific situation for a quotation.

Please note this service is not included in your Vital Venues membership.


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